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Expertise & Sophistication
Each Leone di Fiume product combines the "crystal", which is the clearest and most perfect state of glass, and the "blowing" technique, which is the highest level of this art, is handmade by masters who have set their heart on this art.

From mythology to history, from the textures of the earth to the stories of the universe; legends come to life in Leone di Fiume designs.

Each diamond blade stroke that creates texture on the glass, each brushstroke that gives color to the glass and each color selected all have a special meaning. It's the appreciation of the universe, the sky, the moon and the sun.

The glass, created by splendid craftsmanship, turns into a gleam of light, with 100% natural waxes to adapt to the cycle of the universe. The companionship of glass and candle is devoted to the strength of the universe and invigorated by the brand, Leone di Fiume. The unique fragrance blends, inspired by nature, comply with IFRA standards and are vegan-friendly. Each represents a different story, a different cycle.


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