Directions for Use

Celeste Notte aims to shift your understanding of a vase.
Please clean with a damp, soft cloth.

The Story

Celestial patterns are stylized in this pattern. Moon symbol is used to symbolize the principle of duality in nature and in the universe. The lunar cycle, which is a symbol of periodic change and renewal, symbolizes human logic as it is the light reflected from the divine sun. He is the eye of the night; just like the sun is the eye of the day. The moon is pure love. Sun and Moon are soul and body, gold and silver, king and queen.

Production Technique

Celeste Notte is made of mouth-blown glass. The design pattern is decal printed artisanally by our craftsmen /craftswomen using 24k gold then hand painted with glass colors and fired. The exquisite work of art is presented in a luxuriant handmade wooden chest.

Product Features


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